Significance Of Journaling In This Health Global Crisis

Since the start of this pandemic, I have tried my best to stay mentally and emotionally healthy. I talked to people about what I feel, and I never try to keep my thoughts to myself. I always ensure that others know how I feel so that I can also become aware of changing my habits if necessary. So far, everything I did helped me to get through this pandemic situation. However, there is one thing I like doing the most, and that is journaling.


What I Like About Journaling

Journaling has become my fortress during this uncertain time. By keeping a written record of what is going on with the world right now, I feel like I have all the information I need. I wrote down the experiences I had when the outbreak began, how people responded to the virus, and recorded details of information to the current situation. Journaling allows me to write things free-willingly. There are no rules to follow, and I write what’s on my mind even if it is not on a daily basis. Besides, writing does not take a lot of my time. I often write on my notebook for at least 20 to 30 minutes max, and that is all I need to pen down my emotions and experiences throughout this global pandemic.


How Does Journaling Help Me

Journaling allowed me to track my mental and emotional patterns. It guided all through the bad and most unfortunate times of my life during this pandemic battle. As I wrote down my worries and fears, It helped me realize that I can do a lot of things instead of always complaining. Thus, when I look back on some of my entries a couple of weeks ago on my notebook, I realized there are problems I wrote down that I already overcome.

Journaling also improved my decision-making ability. Thanks to all those struggles I wrote and repeatedly read aloud, I ended up thinking about possible solutions. There was this one time I wrote my financial instability, and I poured on my notebook all my devastation after losing a job due to this crisis. But after that, I realized that instead of continually thinking about it, it would be better to look for an alternative source of income.


Journaling also made me realize that I should stick to my goals despite all the unfortunate things happening around the world. Yes, I still have the desire to go back to the way things are, but if that is not attainable right now, I must learn to adapt. Writing down the list of things I want to achieve after this whole pandemic crisis helped me stay positive about the future.

Journaling helped me remind myself that there are still a lot of things I can do despite all the restrictions I am experiencing. I once wrote down that I am disappointed about the lockdown because I can no longer be with my friends. But after adding some information about the outbreak, and how it can be dangerous not to follow safety protocols, I thought to myself that everything happened for a reason.


Journaling allowed me to rant about things without making others feel uncomfortable. The whole idea of writing even the negative things in my life made me more sensitive about other people’s reactions. No one knows how an expressed emotion can affect others. With journaling, I am not only cut backing myself from all the judgments out there due to my negativity. But I am also saving other people’s emotional and mental state by not introducing my impacting concerns.