What To Care And Not To Care

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Caring is a positive thing and can be your strength.  It gives you the ability to have empathy for others.   It will allow you to enjoy and grow in your relationships as you learn about others and yourself.  Happiness can sometimes be found in your ability to care for others.


But what if others abuse your caring nature? What if your being caring affects how you view yourself?  What if in your caring, you are the one getting hurt?


I often hear from others that if you do not care, you will not get hurt, and if you expect nothing, you will never get disappointed.  It may be true, but even in caring, we should put a balance.   We should put a limitation, and we should put into consideration not allowing our caring personality to be our weakness.


Caring Should Be Your Strength Not A Weakness

Sometimes, it is hard not to care, but as the saying goes, we have to choose our battles.  Because it is not the winning that will make you happy, but the number of times you take the path that leads to a better direction.


Choosing the things you should care about is more critical to achieving happiness.   Caring too much about useless things will just serve as your weakness and will leave you frustrated.


What Are The Things You Should Not Care About


Source: pxhere.com


  1. What Other People Think. You can never please everybody, so stop worrying if there are people who judge you.  You know yourself better than they do. Listen to Marc Romano, PsyD when he says, “Focus on yourself and your own happiness and do not compare yourself to others.”


  1. Things You Cannot Control. Stop worrying about things you cannot change.  You cannot change the situation you are in, you cannot change the person you are with, but you can change the way you will react to them.  You have the power to take action by accepting reality.  Moreover, you will see how you will be alright if you made the right choice.


  1. Failure. If you care about failing, you will never succeed.  Sometimes, it is okay to make mistakes – at least you gave it a try.  It may not be able to get you anywhere yet, but it teaches you a lesson you cannot learn just imagining things you should have done.  Only the courageous can succeed in finding their happiness. Bear in mind that “People with a healthy self-esteem tend to view failure as an event. People with low self-esteem often view failure as fatal. This thought process pummels one’s self-esteem and overtime being a failure becomes their identity.” Counselor Monte Drenner said.


  1. Lousy People. You will meet people who do not mind wasting your time. Avoid losing more time caring about them.  If you do, you just let them win.  Your mindset is your most valuable asset, an important thing that they do not have.


What Are The Things You Should Care About


Source: pxhere.com


  1. Think And Care About Yourself. It is not about being selfish.  You just have to love yourself first to be able to love others.  How will others love and respect you if you do not have love and respect for yourself? According to Andrea F. Polard, PsyD “Authentic happiness is relating to the entire universe. When someone relates and leaves nothing out, you can see it in the face and posture. There is a presence about a truly happy person, a look that says “Yes,” to oneself, to others, and to the world.”


  1. Things You Can Control. There are things you can do to make your every day a happy day.   You can be grateful, or you can give a smile to strangers. Spreading happiness is a contagious thing.  Keeping yourself healthy by eating healthy foods, exercising, sleeping – because a healthy body means a sound mind.


  1. Things That Makes You Happier. Do things that make you happier because the happier you are, the more productive you will be.


  1. Things That Matter. You should always fill your life and surround yourself with things and people that matter.  It is necessary for enjoying every minute of your life.

Happiness is not a place where you are going; happiness is who you are within your life right here, right now.


Knowing what you value most in your life will stop you from wasting your time and energy by caring so much about things that are not important.  Do not bother yourself about things you should not be caring about.  Practicing not to care too much will actually allow you to be more productive, more loving, and more effective in your relationship so that you will live a happier and more fulfilled life.