Tips For Those Who Love Giving Gifts



Are you that kind of person who would rather give gifts than receive them? Or the type who wants to help out all your friends to come up with ideas and make it happen? If yes, then, I am glad you are here. We share the same passion for finding joy in carefully crafting gift ideas that mean much more than buying something off the shelf. I enjoy putting as much creativity, time and effort as I can.


The simple tips I am going to share, are some ways you can still enjoy your personalized gift habit without spending too much! Here are some of my top tips for all you gift-givers:


Something Useful


Before you go crazy with your washi tapes, ribbons and packaging, always remember to take a step back to evaluate if the gift you are giving will be useful, or appreciated by the receiver.


Gift-giving is fun, but let’s not be wasteful! I know some would like to give gag gifts or humorous ones like a pregnancy test or some skimpy lingerie, and that is okay, as long as you find something the person needs or likes, to go with it. My special rule is never to give a gift that’s 100% useless.


Just keep in mind to keep the useless humorous elements at the lowest cost, and make sure you throw in something genuinely useful!



Hint Of Personalization


Here is where you will love getting creative! There are all sorts of shops that offer personalization services like pen engraving, necklace customization, name embroidery and what not!




All these specialty stores become your best friend in wanting unique gifts that your friends will cherish. The good thing about these places is even if you buy the same thing for all your friends, having their name on it makes it special!


You can also find things like letter charms and add in the first letter of their name to whatever you are giving. For me, there are few things more fulfilling to me than the process of personalized gifts!



Off-The-Shelf Is Okay


I say that because, for someone like me who values gift-giving very profoundly, at the end of the day, the design is still everything. Design shows how much effort you put into thinking about how you are going to give that person the final product. It means that even if you just gave a bar of chocolate, the way you wrap it, the color of the ribbon, and even the card that goes with it, could elevate your gift completely!




Invest in some aesthetically pleasing materials like ribbons of different shapes and sizes, washi tapes and especially good writing materials. Pro Tip – Writing their name in calligraphy, for example, is one of simplest ways you can personalize a store-bought item!




I hope that the tips I have shared make gift-giving even more enjoyable for you! If you were not into gift-giving before reading this, then I hope I was able to show that it can be fun, inexpensive, and highly appreciated by your friends and family. Happy wrapping!