The 2016 Portland Creativity Symposium Experience

The 2016 Portland Creativity Symposium was such a fun and exciting event. Everyone who attended the said event was graceful and professional. It was such a relief to take a break from my usual nine to five-day job to participate in the symposium. I have to say that it was one of the best events that I consider as memorable.


During the said symposium, I met new people who taught me how to become more passionate at what I do. I also received advice from some of my newfound friends. Lucky for me, I still get in touch with a lot of individuals that I got to know during the symposium. Whenever we have free time from work or other personal obligations, we would meet up for coffee and talk about random things that we love about our professions.

At the same symposium, I also got a chance to reconnect with my old friends. Right after I graduated from college, I went back to our hometown to pursue my career. Since that day, I never had an opportunity to go back to the old state where my university is located. As such, I became ecstatic when I saw some old schoolmates after five years during the symposium.

The best part about the seminar mentioned above is that all the attendees got the best value for money. The organizer of the symposium made sure that the keynote speakers are skilled in the field. At the same time, they also asked famous persons to handle the talks. These individuals were also more than willing to entertain all the questions or inquiries from the guests.


If given a chance to attend another similar event in the future, I would absolutely say yes. The 2016 portland creativity symposium was a blast. I’m glad I attended it.