Need Counseling?Just Sing Your Way To A Happy Life!

Many things in life bring us down, making us feel depressed. However, there are also quick ways to eliminate, or at least helps erase it! One of those is singing.




Singing is a natural anti-depressant; when we sing, our body releases chemicals called endorphins. These endorphins are what makes us feel good and gives us this euphoric high. It is also what helps us reduce stress, paranoia, pain, and anxiety.


Studies show that people who sang more often had larger social circles and had better immune systems. To add, people who love singing are less likely to fall into the downward spiral of depression. So if you want to live a happier and healthier life, all you have to do is sing! It is as easy as that.


Here are seven more benefits of singing:


  1. Singing Lowers Your Blood Pressure


“Long-term stress is linked to weight problems and cardiovascular issues.” A reminder from Jessica Harris, LCPC, LPC. Fortunately, patients have been able to calm themselves during extensive treatments by merely humming songs or singing one verse of a song.


  1. Singing Improves Your Facial Muscles


When done the right way, singing can make your face look firm, energetic, and lively. It is because of the movements that take place when we open our mouths to sing.


  1. Singing Improves Your Body Posture


We, humans, have a natural tendency to stand straighter when we are asked to sing.


  1. Singing Makes You Attractive


While this may sound funny to some, singing makes you attractive –regardless of whether you hit that note well or not- this is because singing signals confidence, which is a desirable trait to most humans of the opposite sex.




  1. Singing Makes You Smarter


Yep, you heard that right; singing makes you smarter. When you sing, you subconsciously try to come up with techniques on how you can memorize the lyrics or deliver the right sound. Hence, it heightens your senses and improves your recognition, thus expanding your memory and making you smarter.


  1. Singing Builds A Sense Of Community


Now we are talking about the singing’s social effects. If you want to develop new friendships or strengthen existing ones, ask them to sing with you. It is simple, singing (a familiar song) with others gives us a sense of belongingness.


  1. Singing Boosts Your Creativity


According to scientists, singing is one way to get those creative juices flowing. Singing triggers creativity because people are more likely to express themselves fully when singing. As a result, one gets more confident in one’s creative abilities and more ideas surface. As Catherine Cleveland M.S., LMHC-P says, “Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act.” Singing can change everything about that.


You see, singing is not only for singers or musicians. It is also for everyone. Whenever you feel down or disheartened, just sing some of your favorite uplifting songs, and you will surely notice the change of mood instantly. If you see a frown coming your way, start singing your heart out.


“Prioritizing daily self-care and making efforts to take action. Accepting that daily self-care is hard work and challenging.” Edna M. Esnil, PsyD said. If the reasons mentioned above still did not convince you that singing can help improve our lives, then maybe you can resort to counseling itself. Visit BetterHelp to get you started.