Essential Oils For Happiness

The first hour of the day wherein you wake up and start your day pretty much determines how everything goes. As for me, I want to feel light, happy, and ready to take on the world every day. With that, I have little things to do in the morning which will make me feel good and better about myself. One of those things is to bask in the “greatness” of my essential oils.


For your information and added knowledge, essential oils are proven to increase a person’s energy levels. And when your energy is at its peak, you become productive, and you feel alive. Now, if you’re dynamic and “in the zone,” you’ll feel a sense of happiness and contentment, right?


I want to share with you five of my favorite energy-giving essential oils – what it does for me and what I’ve read about all of it.





Orange oil has citrus essence from its peel and oils with this property is always a “pick-me-up” scent. It will give you enough focus, and that means efficiency at work. This oil is also applicable for those with depression and severe stress symptoms. So you see, aside from improving your energy levels, orange oil can also keep you from suffering from mental health issues. No wonder it makes me feel good.




Every time eucalyptus oil reaches my nostrils, I feel like I’m in a different world. It’s so refreshing and minty; my mind is taken elsewhere – somewhere that’s calm and serene. There are days when my head is all over the place. I just take a sniff of eucalyptus oil mixed with almond oil and the bad mood dissipates instantly. My head is more precise whenever there’s eucalyptus oil aroma all over the bedroom. It helps me think better, too. Researching on its benefits, eucalyptus oil can also clear up acne, help asthmatics breathe better, heal burns and a whole lot more. You can’t ingest it though.





Cinnamon oil gives off a warm feeling (for me!). When I read more about it, this oil can improve blood circulation and therefore, make the person feel invigorated. People with diabetes know this for sure that cinnamon can regulate their blood glucose levels. It can also reduce body swelling, and lessen infections. With that, cinnamon is also used to power up a person’s immune system. As an essential oil, the scent of cinnamon just makes me smile. Feels like I’m drinking a latte!




Rosemary oil is a brain stimulator, and it is also used to improve one’s energy levels. My mom, if she wants to relax and calm down, she mixes a few drops of rosemary oil with lime oil and spearmint oil. I swear, her house smells like this “heaven” every day, 24 hours straight. It is soothing, and she is always in a good mood. As for me, I mix rosemary with basil oil and some peppermint oil. I read that it can beat mental enervation. Whenever I’m super tired, I combine this and let it diffuse.





There are two types of basil oil – exotic and French. I love the French basil oil, and that’s what I use for aromatherapy purposes. From my extensive research (Google search – LOL), I discovered that French basil oil could relieve brain exhaustion. It will also excite the adrenaline glands and perk you up. Take caution when using this oil especially if you’re pregnant.


These are five of my much loved essential oils. Hope you try some or all of it, and let me know if it too makes you feel better and much happier.