5 Ways For A Happier And Healthier Gardening

Some of us get happiness from our green friends. Watching something grow from our own backyard can be more than fulfilling, especially for those who love home. There are some who don’t run out of ideas on transforming their house into wonderland, and they just love plants all over.

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Have you been to a friend’s house whose plants are all over? Notice how calm and peaceful his home is. Plants create a relaxing ambiance where you can feel a closeness to nature and the energy of life flowing in your surroundings. Try gauging the aura from your friend, and notice how more positive he seems towards life. He is livelier and happier compared to those who are sedentary.


Studies show that gardening can help people who have chronic illnesses like hypertension, depression, and osteoporosis. It relieves us of stress and brings us to a more positive perspective because we are looking forward to something astonishing to happen – the blooming of our beloved flowers and the growth of our plants.


Here Are Some Tips For Happier And Healthier Gardening:



  • Do Some Stretching Or Walking Before Heading Out To Your Garden.


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In gardening, there are probably more than just two or three positions that you’ll be doing, but for sure there is a lot of bending and digging. Make sure to condition your body to the activity before finally starting. Stretching and walking could also help you have a happier and brighter mood to start your day ahead. Whether you’re gardening, working, or traveling, a few arm and leg work is undoubtedly helpful to make the body more energetic. As Andrea Bonior, PhD, clinical psychologist  said, “Just a five-minute walk before you get in your car to go to work or hole up with your computer in your home office can not only give you an extra boost of motivation, but also give your thoughts some time to settle and get organized. So resist the urge to occupy yourself with your phone while you do it!”



  • Wear Comfortable Clothes For Gardening.



The ideal clothing for gardening would be something that’s light but would cover pretty much of your body because you’re exposing your skin to sunlight. Wear cotton long sleeves that would cover up to your neck, a hat, and sunglasses. Make sure to also put on some sunscreen to avoid health risks caused by too much exposure to the damaging effects of the sun.



  • Have A Break From Bending.



When you are gardening, you are prone to developing back strain because of the prolonged positions. It is recommended to bring a small stool with you so that you could rest for a while after a few bends. It is also ideal to wear your knee pads to avoid rocks and other hard surfaces from causing injuries. Just do a little exercise. “For starters, exercise releases endorphins, the body’s “feel-good hormones,” that can calm the mind and relax the body” Clinical psychologist Jenny C. Yip, PsyD said. 



  • Beware Of Allergens.



There are some allergies triggered by gardening. If you know you have allergies, asthma, or any other respiratory problems, skip a hot day and wait for the perfect time for you to do your gardening. If your doctor says you can’t stay in the sun for too long, you can build a greenhouse where you’d be more comfortable. Do some research and make sure you don’t have an allergy from the plants you choose to grow.



  • Carry A Water Bottle Around.



“Eating healthfully, exercising regularly and getting a good night’s sleep are all important elements in a mentally and physically healthy life.” Staci Lee Schnell, MS, CS, LMFT said. But when you’re gardening and working under the sun, it is easier to get dehydrated. With that, prepare cold water in a bottle that you can bring around. Make sure to sip or drink every half an hour to avoid dehydration. Might as well prepare some refreshment like some cold lemonade or orange juice to replenish the liquids you eliminated through sweat.


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Gardening can bring us a certain level of happiness and fulfillment – to see our plants and flowers grow into a beautiful and healthy bunch is just like raising our own children. If there are animal lovers, there sure are plant lovers. If you decide to engage in gardening, make sure that you know the dos and don’ts, because just like everything else, there is a proper way to do gardening. It wouldn’t hurt to do it right.