Being Joyful By Spending More Time With Family


 Often, we are too caught up in a chaotic rollercoaster of activities that begin on Mondays and end on Sundays – and then start all over again, week by week. Time flies fast as we struggle to accomplish priority tasks that are associated with handling our jobs and running the household, driving the kids and other family members to school and work, and going to appointments. Despite that, we would all agree that the best way to show gratitude and love and value for the family is through spending quality time with each other.

Some families strengthen their bonds by planning trips and organizing picnics. These enable them to take a break from their busy schedules and build better relationships with people that matter. But while these are great ideas, practicing daily habits that cultivate more love, appreciation, and value for the family can go a long way in maintaining healthy family connections.

Below is a list of some simple yet meaningful ideas that can bring more joy and love by simply spending time with family daily.


Making Time For The Kids

This is easy because children love to be a part of our lives and would love it if we spend as much time as we can with them.

  • Let them participate in fixing dinner or cleaning the kitchen or whatever stuff they can do with you. Maybe you need to tidy up the kitchen counter. Get Josh or Belle to help you. You can wipe off the mess, and the kids can throw your trash in the bin. Or if your sink suddenly broke, you can fix it while they go and fetch the screwdriver for you. They will love getting under the sink with you and feel like someone who knows a lot about sinks!


  • Make it a habit to have dinners with them. When you get home, spare an hour or so for dinnertime before following up on something that’s work-related. Eating dinner together allows each member to join in conversations and listen about how their day went. It’s a chance for parents to see what’s up with the kids, and it’s an opportunity for the kids to ask their parents questions that they had for the day or the week.
  • Do the after-dinner strolls. You might want to do this once in a while, or better yet, every after dinner. Just stroll around the neighborhood and feel a more relaxed atmosphere between you and your kids. They might be able to confide to you about something that’s been bothering them that they could not tell you earlier because dinner was more formal. Walking loosens them up and may allow them to talk about topics that are hard for them.
  • Read to them or read together. It doesn’t have to be too long, just as long as you spend a few minutes keeping your kids company in their beds, cuddling together while reading or telling them a story before saying goodnight.


Being There For Your Teen 

As your kids become teenagers, time with them is even more vital, as already this phase of their lives is not going to be as easy as their childhood years. You’ll need to find more time and effort for your teens.

  • Have small or big talks with your teen. Always find opportunities to have a conversation, such as when you’re going on a trip together or even when you’re driving her to school. It’s harder for them to open up, so having talks relaxes them and increases their trust in you. Find ways for them to be able to share their lives with you.
  • Encourage her to volunteer – with you. This phase of a teen’s life involves finding purpose and a sense of belonging. Instead of thinking about joining fraternities and other organizations that are only meant to mislead your teen, let her choose something that entails volunteering your time to do good in the community, like giving to the less privileged or joining a soup kitchen.
  • Support your teen’s passion. If she loves dancing or music, watch her audition. Let her know you want her to grow and succeed in reaching her dreams. Even if there are probably things you don’t like about being a teen, just be there. Try to understand her passion and eventually love it too. She will surely appreciate your presence. You are her rock and strength.


  • Know her friends. As they are growing up to become adolescents, the social world will become as important to them as their family is, and they will be spending more and more time with their friends too. Instead of worrying where your teenager is, get to know who her friends are and welcome them into your home. You may not like it but, yes, knowing her friends means knowing your teen a little better. So be open to joining some of their chats sometimes.


Bottom Line

Establishing healthy relationships with each other and spending quality time form a foundation for strong families. Amidst your day-to-day chores and challenges, never forget to give a part of yourself every day to your children and the whole family.



The 2016 Portland Creativity Symposium Experience

The 2016 Portland Creativity Symposium was such a fun and exciting event. Everyone who attended the said event was graceful and professional. It was such a relief to take a break from my usual nine to five-day job to participate in the symposium. I have to say that it was one of the best events that I consider as memorable.


During the said symposium, I met new people who taught me how to become more passionate at what I do. I also received advice from some of my newfound friends. Lucky for me, I still get in touch with a lot of individuals that I got to know during the symposium. Whenever we have free time from work or other personal obligations, we would meet up for coffee and talk about random things that we love about our professions.

At the same symposium, I also got a chance to reconnect with my old friends. Right after I graduated from college, I went back to our hometown to pursue my career. Since that day, I never had an opportunity to go back to the old state where my university is located. As such, I became ecstatic when I saw some old schoolmates after five years during the symposium.

The best part about the seminar mentioned above is that all the attendees got the best value for money. The organizer of the symposium made sure that the keynote speakers are skilled in the field. At the same time, they also asked famous persons to handle the talks. These individuals were also more than willing to entertain all the questions or inquiries from the guests.


If given a chance to attend another similar event in the future, I would absolutely say yes. The 2016 portland creativity symposium was a blast. I’m glad I attended it.


Why Cooking Relieves Stress




Some people who want to get rid of their stress drink the night away or watch television for hours without doing anything productive. Some smoke or just eat whatever they see in the fridge, only to feel worse after. Obviously, these things don’t lead to alleviation but worsening of the stress and anxiety.

What about trying out one of the most enjoyable and productive activities that are healthy and fun? Anyone thought about cooking or learning to cook for those who don’t know how to fry some eggs yet?

For most busy individuals, they see cooking as a hassle and a chore, but it’s time we upgrade it and give it a new look. You ought to know that cooking is one of the most recommended stress relief activities. And health professionals recognize it as a way for others to relieve themselves of their anxiety, depression, and even eating disorders. It’s a type of behavioral therapy that helps one feel better about himself. Here are some reasons why.


Cooking Relieves Stress Because:


It encourages one to be creative.

Once you learn the art of cooking, you will not be satisfied unless you are sure that it looks better than it tastes. Your ability to create more color, beauty, and flavor enhances your creativity and imagination.


Aromatherapy from different ingredients is real.

A wonderful scent makes most of us feel happy, perhaps better than we used to feel. That’s what we experience when we cook using various spices from our kitchen, like pepper, cinnamon, and rosemary. We tend to forget about what has been worrying us all day when we cook up a delicious and aromatic baked chicken for dinner.


We can chop those blues away.




People who are fond of cooking would say that when they are in the kitchen, they vent their frustrations through slicing, chopping, or mashing, and more often than not, it works. Kneading and rolling dough would be more appropriate if you want to release your anger on the bread!


Cooking for your loved ones makes you happy.


There’s a joy and excitement that one feels when she cooks particularly for family and friends, and doing this doesn’t become a chore but a labor of love, which is quite satisfying. Eating together with your loved ones will also fill the air with happiness, improving mood and behavior.


It is an opportunity to be praised and appreciated.

When you’ve learned and mastered the art of cooking, people will begin to praise and admire you for your food, and this will help enhance your confidence and self-love.


Cooking for the underprivileged helps you feel good about yourself.



Try joining a soup kitchen or other activities for a cause, and you’ll know how it feels to do something good for others. There are many chances to do this, and you can start in your own community.


Cooking your own food encourages you to eat healthily and stay fit.

When you become a cooking and food enthusiast, you will learn the pros and cons of different food types. You will discover what food would help you live longer, wiser, and stronger, and you will discover what food would kill your years away. Knowing how to cook will inspire you to find ways to feed your family with healthy food.



Indeed, cooking should be considered as one of the most effective therapies around. It’s easy to learn and very accessible. What’s stopping you from starting today? Nothing should!




The Mindfulness Of Delaying Success



In this generation, most people think about the happiness they can get over the current situations they are in. With that, they somehow forget to focus on future preference. But why is that? What are the things that stop them from doing what they are supposed to do? How does it become a counteractive habit? What are people’s reasons for delaying success?


“It’s Not Yet The Right Time”


Though it may support the idea of not indulging into things that encourage regret, it hinders the possibility of knowing what decision is potentially good or bad. The society somehow lives in an era where waiting becomes a priority to avoid failure. However, they opt to get blinded by the real essence of doing things right at the moment. The ignorance of allowing time to create a decision leads to unmanageable disappointments, and that mentality hinders success.


“I Still Do Not Want To Deem About It”


Yes, there’s no reason for people to push their limits, especially when they believe that the current situation matters most. Nearly all individuals’ ideas of success are the attainment of the things they currently desire. So when it comes to future goals, they often lack the motivation to go beyond it. However, not aiming for something in the future is more likely the same as getting stagnant for undesirable reasons. It’s not going to help someone achieve something when there’s a deprivation of goals, thoughts, and ideas.




“If It’s Meant To Be, It’ll Be”

People have this mentality that everything happens for a reason. They believe that if it’s not the right time, the universe will not allow it to happen. The impression of overlooking on stuff that is not there is their way of saying that things will soon fall in the right place, but only if it is destined to happen. There is a lack of self-compliance that pulls a negative vibe. The mentality is making every person blame their situation to “destiny” itself. From that instant, the will for desire loses its strength and eventually turn into a grayish world of emptiness.


“I’m Currently Happy Right Now”

Every person’s idea of happiness differs from each other. Sometimes it can be as plain as getting hired on the best corporate job, eating on favorite restaurants once a week, traveling to unknown places, and spending time with family and friends in some occasions. Though all of these can currently bring joy on that particular moment, it potentially slows down the eagerness of wanting to become well-balanced in the way of life. That’s because some people stick into doing things that are familiar to them rather than working on a way that allows them to move forward.




Whatever people’s reasons are, when it comes to success, setting goals and priorities is a must. It’s not going to be about the focus on future reference, but the journey of the mindfulness itself. It will be a matter of control in suitable decisions on every situation that applies to a long-term best interest.


Online Therapy Site Talks About How Saying No Can Lead To Happiness

Are you the type of person who is always affected by what others would say?  Do you base your decisions on how others will perceive you? Do you worry too much, feel guilty when you turned someone down to the point where you end up asking yourself, “Have I done the right thing?”


There is nothing wrong when you think and consider other people’s happiness, but have you ever asked yourself, “Am I happy with my decision?” or “How about my own happiness?”


It’s Nice To Be Nice But Not Terminally Nice

It is good to be nice sometimes but being extra nice to the point of sacrificing your own happiness is not healthy.  A therapist says that sometimes it is okay to say “NO” if speaking that two-syllable word is about staying true to yourself.   

It may be a negative word, but it could sometimes actually have a positive effect in leading a healthy lifestyle.  It is tough to say when you feel like you are giving up on others. It can make you feel sad and guilty knowing you are going to let someone you care about down.  It can also be heartbreaking, but according to an online therapy site who does counseling about empowering oneself, how can you be genuinely happy if you will say yes just for the sake of pleasing others and not because you sincerely mean saying it?

Saying no can sometimes be beneficial to you and others who are asking you favors.  It will test your relationship, your courage to stand up for what you believe, and other’s ability to accept rejection.  Saying no is not just about brushing off someone but is more about knowing what you want that will make you happy and being your own person, being completely honest with yourself.

Before Answering Ask Yourself And Listen To Your Body’s Response


When someone asks for a request or a favor, take a moment to ask yourself if you honestly want to do it.   If you think your answer is not clear, check with your body. Sometimes, the body sends signals that it does not want to do something, like a sudden headache or tummy ache, and others symptoms like feeling tired all of a sudden.  Your gut sometimes makes you think that something is not working for you, and it may be your body’s way of convincing you that something is not right. When you feel like this, well, there is nothing wrong if you will listen to your own body and think things over first.  Try to consult someone you trust or your therapist to be sure of your decision. Going against your body can sometimes lead to discontentment and unhappiness.


Be Yourself By Pleasing Yourself And Not Others

According to a saying by Thich Nhat Hanh, you need to be yourself to be beautiful, and you don’t need others’ acknowledgment. All you need is to acknowledge yourself.  


Our sadness and discontentment are sometimes caused by overthinking about others, wondering how they would feel or what they would say.  Remember that before we can make others happy, we need to be happy ourselves. How can you share with someone something which you don’t have?  How can you be honest with them if you can’t be honest with yourself?


Learn The Art Of Saying No


Avoid regretting your decisions just because you want to please people.   If saying no is quite a struggle for you, practice by starting saying no to little things.  When your phone rings and a telemarketer is disrupting you, don’t give elaborate excuses. Just tell her honestly that you are busy or you are not interested.  Then you can move on to declining an invitation not needing to say lies about you being sick or whatever. Just tell your friend you are not into it at the moment, or you have prior plans.   If you plan to take a rest after a busy and tiring day, there is nothing wrong with telling him directly that you are tired and just want to rest. You can say no without being rude. There are many ways you can politely decline a request, and sometimes saying no is enough.


You deserve to give yourself a break sometimes, and you don’t need to be sorry for pleasing yourself by being yourself, and you don’t need to be guilty of being honest.  Every so often, we need to be fair to ourselves even if it will mean rejection to others, especially when saying no can lead to our own happiness. You need to check BetterHelp online today.

Realizing Success And Happiness In Life

(It’s not just about having lots of money or leading a CEO kind-of-life.)


I believe that happiness is a matter of perspective. If you always find the good things in people, situations, and everything that you encounter in life, then, you will feel contented. You will feel happy. That’s the word – contentment.  People who are content with what they are and what they have ended up to be the most comfortable of all and sometimes, these people are those who have very little in their bank accounts.

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Organic Products That Make Me Smile

If you look at my medicine cabinet, you won’t find medicine. Instead, you’ll see bottles and jars of oils, gels and the likes. These are the things that I use on my face and body. A whiff of lemon oil essence while applying honey and sea salt mask on my face is a little bit of heaven. These are all-natural organic products and using them on a daily basis makes me feel complete. I don’t know why but brightens up my day.



Aside from happiness overload, organic products have many benefits. It’s all-natural, full of antioxidants, and some of these natural stuff enhances the immune system. Even people with sensitive skin will love organic products. It won’t make them itch!


Anyway, what are the organic products inside my cabinet?




I love coconut oil! It graces my hair, my face, and my soles. My mom was from the Philippines, and she would say – “Your hair is rough. Come here, and I put coconut oil!” And then, she would scrub some on my scalp and comb it down to the ends. No wonder my hair is lustrous and tough.


Coconut oil is a great makeup remover as well and those waterproof mascara, it’s easy to remove. The oil is also antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. It heals open wounds real quick.




My skin is host to acne once every few months (blame it on the weather!) and when it breaks out, tea tree oil is to the rescue. Not everyone is compatible with using tea tree oil since it contains at least 200 plant extracts all coming from Australia. Its primary purpose is to kill bacteria on the skin, but it can also be an aromatherapy oil mixes with base oils.





Yes! I keep this in my cabinet. Apple cider vinegar is anti-fungal, and at times, half a bottle cap mixed with water is all I need as a feminine wash.


Every day, I drink a glass of apple cider and honey. It helps digestive tract and liver function, from what I read.




Speaking of honey, this is a very versatile organic food. It can be used topically and consumed, as well. Honey is excellent for a sore throat, regulating gut bacteria, treating rashes, healing acne scars, and more. It’s a “cure” for sweet tooth too! Instead of eating fattening milk chocolate, a tablespoon of raw honey will seal the deal.




It’s the best for exfoliating dead skin cells. Every time I use it on my face, I feel that it’s so clean. I read from a reliable online source that sea salts (Himalayan or Celtic) unclog pores as it removes dead skin and restores the skin’s natural moisture.




As mentioned earlier, Lemon Oil makes me so happy! I love the smell so much. It invigorates my soul as the oil reaches my nostrils, makes me feel like I’m in an orchard. Lemon Oil is also mixed with Jojoba Oil or Castor Oil (I also have these carrier oils), and I use it for massage purposes, especially in areas with muscle pain.





For people with acne, this is the ultimate facial moisturizer. I use four to five drops all over my face and neck every night after cleaning my face with honey, witch hazel, and tea tree oil. Some days, when my skin is at its best, I look so radiant as I wake up in the morning. Fresh face!


Argan Oil is potent in Vitamin A, Vitamin E, a variety of antioxidants and Omega-6 fatty acids. It will quickly reduce acne swelling.


These are just some of my favorite organic products and how I use it at home. Try it for yourself, and I’m sure some of these products (especially the Lemon Oil) will put a smile on your face too.







My DIY World: Why I Love DIY-ing



There sure has been a rise in DIY or do-it-yourself crafts and projects these past years. I think a part of its popularity is because do-it-yourself supplies are readily available now in stores or even online. Printers are becoming quite affordable, too, so, when someone wants to cut letters or print his wall décor, he can quickly search online [because the internet is so accessible nowadays], get the design he wants, tweak it a little with the use of Photoshop, print it and…voila! All he needs is a frame [bought or DIY-ed] and his décor’s set.

But what if these weren’t the case? Would people still prefer to DIY or just opt for the more natural choice – buy ready-made decors, furniture and the like? After all, isn’t doing that a lot easier?

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All-Natural DIY Skin Care Regimen

I think the first time I used natural products on my face was 12 years ago and I met my ex-boyfriend’s mother. She was a “hippie,” she said, and everything in their house was either grown or do it your own (DIY). I’m serious.


Anyway, she was on an avocado mask when we met, and until now, we’re friends. I’m not with her son anymore, and she always tells me to “give him a chance.” That’s something I can’t do, but because of her, I learned a side of me who wanted to do things my way. It makes me happy doing it, and while it may not be perfect all the time, I discovered a lot of things.


I started concocting my all-natural skin care regimen from facial wash to facial moisturizer. This skincare line is what I’ve been using lately, and I swear by all of it. You can find some of the ingredients in your kitchen and for the others, just go to an organic store and buy them.


Lemon and Honey Facial Wash



You don’t need to make a lot because you’ll want the mixture to be fresh. Every time I create my lemon-honey combination, I just use two tablespoons of honey and one teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice. It lasts the whole day. I have a lemon tree in my yard and I just literally pick one. As for honey, use raw honey. It’s different from regular honey.


I read that lemon contains citric acid that kills acne bacteria and honey is an antibacterial too. Honey is also potent in antioxidants which prevents premature aging. Now, I like that! Anyway, I smooth it all over my face and even include my neck twice a day – morning and night. When it’s dry, wash it with lukewarm water.


Witch Hazel, Rosewater, and Oils Facial Toner



And here I am again with my essential oils. I love them, and I just can’t get enough of it. Anyway, when making this mixture, you can store it in a small bottle, and you can use it for a week, tops. You will need to mix everything in a small, 4-ounce bottle, with a sprayer if you can find one:


  • Alcohol-free witch hazel (at least 2 ounces)
  • Rosewater (1 ounce)
  • Frankincense oil (3 drops)
  • Chamomile oil (3 drops)
  • Geranium oil (2 drops)


(I also use chamomile and geranium oil for my aromatherapy blends.)


You can spray this on your face after cleansing or use a cotton ball and apply directly. The smell is so pleasant, I know!


For learning purposes, rosewater minimizes skin pores and evens out the skin tone. Frankincense oil helps in repairing acne blemishes and inhibits wrinkle formation. Chamomile oil calms irritated and inflamed skin, especially acne growths. Geranium oil soothes and heals the skin’s inflammatory issues like acne.


Sugar and Olive Oil Facial Scrub



It is essential to use a facial scrub once a week to exfoliate dead skin cells. For those who have oily skin, like me, it is best to scrub twice a week.


To make the scrub, I use a tablespoon of raw brown sugar mixed with olive oil. I just pour the oil until I can make a paste out of the concoction. Sometimes, as an alternative to olive oil, I use almond oil or jojoba oil.


Try it for yourself, and you will see that brown sugar can instantly make your skin radiant. Olive oil is hydrating oil filled with antioxidants responsible for a youthful glow.


100% Argan Oil with Tamanu and Lavender Facial Moisturizer


I buy a bottle of argan oil from my favorite organic store which is about 15ml, and I pour out 30-40% to make room for the tamanu oil. The bottle has to be filled up which means the mixture is about 40% tamanu oil, ok? Then, I add five drops lavender oil. Mix it up.


Argan oil is perfect for moisturizing the face, and it is also an anti-acne product. It is potent in Vitamin A and Vitamin E, Omega-6 fatty acids, and various antioxidants. Tamanu oil is best used for skin disorders, and lavender oil is a disinfectant, antibacterial and antifungal.

Aromatherapy Blends To Feel Happy And Joyful




I love essential oils, and I can’t stop talking about it! Sometimes, these essential oils make me reach a state of euphoria. It’s like a drug, and I’m addicted to it. Good thing essential oils are not illegal substances. In fact, it can even help out a person with mental, emotional, and some physical problems. Because of this, I want to let you know the aromatherapy blends that I concoct and discuss a little bit of on the essential oils being blended, as well.


100% Happiness


You need to use one drop of bergamot oil, lemon oil, and tangerine oil. I also add ylang-ylang oil, geranium oil, jasmine oil, chamomile oil and rose oil. I swear this mixture will make you feel happy.


Interesting facts: ylang-ylang oil, geranium oil, and rose oil.



Ylang-ylang oil is the fresh flowers of the ylang-ylang tree, and it is located in Asian countries like the Philippines, Indonesia, and Comoro, which is in Africa. I am guessing that it is a “tropical” kind of flower and it grows in hot places only. Some benefits:


  • Antidepressant
  • Antiseptic
  • Aphrodisiac
  • Sedative
  • Nerve-calming


Geranium oil, according to the Dr. Axe website, was used by the Egyptians not only for its aromatherapy purposes but also for beautification. It can treat skin problems like acne, eczema, and dermatitis. Some benefits:


  • Anti-anxiety
  • Anti-fatigue
  • Antidepressant
  • Anti-stress
  • Anti-inflammation


Rose oil has two types – Rosa Damascena and Rosa Centifola. Rosa damascena is usually found in Bulgaria and has a strong scent. Rosa Centifola has a lighter scent and sweet smelling too. Some benefits:


  • Moisturizing
  • Anti-stress
  • Antidepressant
  • Astringent
  • Anti-inflammatory


Fresh All Over


Mix one drop of citrus oil, lemongrass oil and lavender oil with three drops each of rosemary oil and tea tree oil. As per my experience, diffuse this mixture in any room, and it will clean the air you’re breathing in and make you feel fresh.


Interesting facts: lemongrass oil, lavender oil, and tea tree oil.



Lemongrass oil is a bacteria killer and can ward off irritating insects like mosquitoes. In tropical countries, dengue fever is prevalent. It is one of the essential oils used to combat insect bites naturally. Some benefits:


  • Antioxidant
  • Antifungal
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Muscle relaxant
  • Anti-fever


Lavender oil is acquired through a process called steam distillation of lavender flowers. For centuries, lavender is used as potpourri because of its sweet smell. You can also find lavender perfume, and of course, it has healing abilities. Some benefits:


  • Anti-insomnia
  • Anti-stress
  • Anti-anxiety
  • Anti-acne
  • Anti-cancer


Tea tree oil is not very popular as aromatherapy oil, but as an essential oil, it has many uses. Still, from time to time, I use it for aromatherapy purposes, and if mixed with the oils I mentioned above, it becomes a room deodorizer. Some benefits:


  • Antibacterial
  • Anti-microbial
  • Antiviral
  • Medicinal
  • Expectorant


These are two of my favorite blends, and every time I use them, I just feel better. My mind works well, and my body is functioning correctly because of my blends. I know people will think that I am silly for loving essential and aromatherapy oils so much, but I don’t care. It is my wish to live positively day by day, and if smelling oils makes me happy, I will do it.